Tricking Out Your Coop with these 12 Cool Ideas

Many chicken-owners feel that they never do enough for their coops. New ideas always come up. New gadgets will need installing, and you will also want to try out something you think could work on your coop. Whenever chicken-owners build or make changes to their coop, all they want is make the adventure fun, cleaner, and easier.

Chicken-owners always have ideas of how they can achieve their “dream coop”. These ideas include what they would change if they started over. These are the “extras” that most first-time coop builders do not know. However, most veterans, through experience, have a list of ideas on how best they can achieve the “ultimate” coop. Below are 12 of these “extras”. They might, however, seem unattainable for the average chicken-owner.

The Sun is Low-Cost Source Energy

Use the solar power in your coop. While it may not be necessarily cheap, it will be a worthy investment in the long run. The solar energy will be very useful during the cold seasons by ensuring that the chicken does not freeze.

With Time, Most Coop Owners Wish They Had Built a Bigger Chicken Coop

This extra space they desire is not for bringing in more chicken; it is for storing other staff. The longer a chicken owner keeps chicken, the more items they accumulate. These things include feed, gizmos, supplies, medicine, and gadgets. They all require enough storage space. Most homeowners find themselves creating room in the garage, basement, or toolshed. However, the best thing to do is to have all these things in the coop. Therefore, as while designing your coop, make sure to create a room for storing whatever you might need to use in a coop. This will make your work so much easier.

Spend Less Time Tackling Chicken-Related Errands

Initially, you will get very excited about doing those chores, but with time, you start to lose interest and look for ways to make it less tasking. All you need are automatic feeder and waterer. These come in various designs that you will find interesting.

Do not get too contented while using the automatic system. These systems will require regular checking to ensure that they are clean, accessible to the chicken, have enough water and feed and that they are working well. You can do these checks twice or three times a day.

Make Sure to Include a Quarantine Section

When you build a big coop, your chicken will be all over the place. If there is a place you do not want the chicken to go, put a wall. If there are chickens that need to be secluded from the rest, create a portion for them. There is a problem that every chicken owner faces at some point. All it takes is one hen to do something, and the rest will follow. If you want to have that dream coop, make sure to include a quarantine section when designing it. By so doing, you will reduce the stress of having to alter the coop in future to create room for the quarantine area. Remember that you need extra space with time, so creating opportunities to reduce it will be a huge mistake.

Having Power in a Chicken Coop is Very Beneficial

Many chicken owners talk about how awesome it is to have power in the coop, and this is so true. Having enough light in the coop makes early morning and late night chicken chores so much easier to handle. Having one or two outlets gives you a chance to plug in a heater when the weather is freezing and a fan when it gets too hot for the chicken inside the coop.

Here are more reasons why having enough power in the coop is important:

  • You might need an electric fence around the coop to keep predators away
  • It may be worthwhile to have a place to plug in your radio and keep yourself entertained while working in the coop
  • Some of the tools you use in the coop might need powering using electricity
  • A small fridge may be necessary for storing certain medication for the chicken

A Detachable Droppings Pan

Having a dream coop includes owning something that makes it easy for you to get rid of chicken waste. One such item is detachable droppings pan. This is a tray that sits beneath a roost bar collecting droppings on a surface that is easy to clean such as Glasbord or Linoleum. Having a hatch in the outer wall allows you to remove the whole thing from outside your coop easily. You can easily hose or scrap off the droppings and slide it back into place. Once you use this, you will be grateful we told you about it.

A Movable Coop Gives Chicken Owners More Choices

If your coop is large enough to walk into, this section is not for you. However, if you have a small coop, you may need to place it on wheels. That way, it will be easier to move it around whenever necessary. You may not need to relocate the tractor coop regularly, but it is sometimes necessary to move it to give way. Some of the situations that may require you to move the coop are:

  • If you are having a barbecue in the backyard
  • If you see the probability of cold nights ahead, it may be necessary to move the coop to a warmer room like the garage

Retractable Rooftop

If football stadiums can have retractable rooftops, then erecting one on a coop should be easy. Well, here’s a thought: take 2×4 framing, corrugated sheets, and some heavy-duty hinges. These things can be used to build a retractable roof that moves out of the way during a sunny day and retracts at night when the weather gets cold. We may not have seen one such rooftop on a coop, but this can be an excellent addition to your wish list.

Install A Weather Station

By just the click of a mouse, you will know how hot or cold it is outside. You can also step out onto the front porch to see what the weather is like. But can you tell what temperature it is inside coop? The truth is, it may be warmer or colder than you think.

By using a wireless weather station, all you have to do is put a tiny unit in the coop. This unit then transmits temperature {or humidity levels} to a conveniently placed display in your house. The display will let you know whether your poultry is at risk of either getting too cold or too hot inside the coop. These weather stations are readily available in department stores, electronic shops, or from online retailers.

Second Doors For Your Chicken

Sometimes you can open the coop door, and one bird slips out. You will be forced to start chasing it around until you capture and return it to the coop. This can be avoided by having a second door installed. All you have to do is close your first door before opening the second one. If there is a runner in the cooper, she will not get past the second door even if she manages to pass the first one. These doors are readily available online or stores near you.

Automated Door Closers

You would have to be a tech nerd to put this one into practice. Many coop owners have managed to figure out ways of getting the door to close at night and open in the morning. All you need are relay switches, transistors and some electronic pieces and parts from Radio Shack. The doors can work using timers to open and close when the morning and evening timers respectively, go on. Other doors have photoelectric eyes for sensing whenever the sun goes down or comes up. The idea here is to have the door open automatically in the morning and close at night when the chickens are safely inside the coop. This is an excellent addition to your coop.

Having Water Supply in Your Coop is Very Important

It will make it easy for you to regularly clean the coop and yourself once you are done doing the chores there. The bird will also have access to clean readily available water for drinking.

While you may have to hire a professional plumber to fix the pipe and tap for you, some coop owners have managed to this on their own. You can also trap rainwater in a tank and use it at your coop. No matter which method of collecting water you use, make sure it is clean and readily available at all times.

Therefore, you can get your ultimate coop using the above ideas. You don’t have to try everything at once, but you can apply one of these ideas every few weeks. You will love the progress and the final coop.

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