Titan 10×20 Gable Shed


The Titan shed is a multi-purpose structure with versatility for a wide range of functions. It provides a spacious 200 sq. ft. floor space and lots of open wall space for shelving, locking closets, and other storage applications. It is built on a solid concrete footing and topped with mortared-bricks.

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The 10’x20’ Titan Storage Shed Plan includes the material list with construction materials, fasteners, and hardware required to assemble the shed. It incorporates an easy step by step instruction manual that’s available in PDF format. The plans can be printed off and taken to the construction site or viewed on a wireless device. It starts with preparing the foundation site and guides the builder through every aspect and assembly of the shed. The guide utilizes 2D/3D drawings with the most advanced software programs currently available to display amazing graphics and precise measurements in stunning detail. Every step in the Titan’s plan is designed with additional steps that provide a good overview of the section and how to build it. The plan also has tips and suggestions that are useful, especially for first-time builders. Additionally, it includes all sections of the assembly and uses quality construction materials from the ground up.


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10x20 gable storage shed


Shed overview


The 10’x20’ Titan Storage Shed is a multi-purpose structure with versatility for a wide range of functions. It provides a spacious 200 sq. ft. of floor space and lots of open wall space for shelving, workbenches, locking closets, and other storage applications. The Titan is built on a solid concrete footing and topped with mortared-bricks to add superior structural support for the building and floor’s contents. The Titan is perfect for those who want to live off the grid because it can be turned into a tiny home with some modifications. The gable roof provides adequate support for snow regions and superior water protection with asphalt shingles. Solar panels can be mounted on the roof and supply the building with electrical service or a gas-powered generator can be used. No matter the function, the Titan offers a multitude of storage and living solutions that can be built by the average person.


10x20 storage shed plan


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1. Do I need a permit?

A: In most local townships and municipalities, if a shed is less than 100sqft, you do not need a permit. For sheds more than 100sqft, it’s always best to go to your local town office and inquire about a building permit. 

2. How much it would cost me to build?

A: According to most building cost estimator programs, the average cost for materials to build a shed is about $22.85 per square foot. For example, an 8’x10’ shed equals 80sqft x $22.85 = $1,828.00.  

3. How much time will I need to build it?

A: The size of the shed plays a role in how long it will take to build it. An average 8’x10’ shed can be built in 3 to 4 days from start to finish.  

4. Do I need expensive tools or large equipment?

A: You do not need expensive tools, a typical miter and table saw will work just fine. You will also need basic hand tools, corded drill or cordless screw gun, standard 7 1/4’ skill saw, and a variety of garden tools for the foundation. 

5. Can I move my shed to another location?

A: You can move your shed to another location; however, a new foundation will need to be installed. Additionally, interior bracing, heavy-duty straps, and a small crane or front-end loader may be required to safely lift the structure to put it on a trailer or move it to another location on the property.