Sheds FAQ

Q: What’s the difference between free and premium shed plans? 

A: The premium shed plans provide more detail on the amount of lumber and various construction materials needed as well as more detail on measurements. It offers a detailed material list, and it tells you the name and what each piece is made for. Additionally, it provides a list of the required tools to build the shed. Overall, it gives more quality information that’s very important, especially for first-time DIY builders, which the free plan does not include. 

Q: Will a shed raise my property taxes? 

A: In a lot of states, if a shed has a concrete floor it will be considered as an addition to your home. In cases of a shed with a wood floor on a concrete footing, it will be classified as an improvement to your property as it adds value to your home and tax bill. So, the answer is yes; it will raise your tax bill slightly. 

Q: Can I live in my shed as a tiny-home? 

A: Absolutely, your shed can be converted into a tiny-home to live in. If you want to make a tiny-home out of one of our sheds, it’s best to consider the rough openings for a steel entry door and double-hung vinyl windows before you start framing. You will also need to consider electrical, water, insulation, drywall, flooring, and heat source as well. It’s a good idea to go with a larger shed like a 16’x20’ that allows room for a utility room to house your hot water tank, heating system, and electrical breaker box. 

Q: Is it safe to install a wood or pellet stove in my shed? 

A: You can safely install a wood, pellet or LP gas fireplace safely inside of your shed. It’s always best to read the manufacturers suggested installation for the appliance as well as proper ventilation requirements. In most cases, the exhaust pipe can be vented out of the back wall at the recommended height by the manufacturer. 

Q: How many bikes can I fit into an 8’x8’ bike shed? 

A: It’s possible to fit 6 to 10 bikes comfortably into an 8’x8’ bike shed. The rafters provide the perfect spot to install three rubber-coated J-hooks on each side wall of the shed and hang your bicycles from the front tire. That leaves 64sqft of floor space for another four bicycles. 

Q: How secure is my storage shed? 

A: Your storage shed is very secure. The shed is built with pressure-treated framing, and the exterior walls are covered with wood siding boards. The doors utilize heavy-duty hinges and locking hardware. Depending on where you live, a windowless design will provide more protection in areas subjected to heavy foot-traffic or high-crime rates. 

Q: What size storage shed do I need? 

A: One of the easiest ways to figure this out is to take an inventory on the items you wish to store. Start with large objects like a riding lawn mower. If the mower is six feet long and has a 48-inch mower deck, you will need 24sqft of floor space just for that alone. Factor in any wall shelving or standing closets you plan on using as well as garden tools, etc. Once you have a good idea of floor space that you’ll need, go with the next size up. 

Q: Is the foundation of my storage shed strong enough to support ATVs? 

A: The foundation is designed to withstand substantial weight loads, including ATVs, riding lawn mowers, and snowmobiles. It utilizes a concrete footing and mortared-bricks for the base, and the sub-floor is constructed with pressure-treated lumber. Click here to learn more about shed foundations.

Q: Do I need a drainage system with a lean-to shed? 

A: You don’t necessarily need a drainage system with a lean-to roof design; however, it does divert water to the ends of the shed instead of over the door. This really depends on how much you plan on using the shed and function of the shed. Do you live in the Northwest or areas with a lot of rain? Then, you should choose a plan with a drainage system. 

Q: Is there any advantages of a lean-to shed? 

A: The advantage of building a lean-to shed is less roofing materials and significant savings. Depending on the size of a shed, the average homeowner can save hundreds of dollars by going with this design. Additionally, it eliminates a lot of complex cuts and is much easier to build.