Top 30 Free Shed Plans With Step-by-Step Instructions

When it comes to actually construct your shed, you can do it in one of two ways – build it from scratch or work with a backyard shed kit. Constructed properly, a shed can add value to your property. Built poorly, it can be an eyesore and detract from the value of your home. Even if you are building a shed from scratch, you will still want a basic plan like the ones presented on this page.


14x8 she shed plan

14 x 8 Garden Shed Plan

With this shed plan, you’ll have 112 square feet of floor space, so you’ll able to put in a suitable bar and kitchenette or use it for storage. With all the light coming in from the divided light door and the generous windows on the sides, you won’t have trouble finding anything.

20x10 garden shed plan

20 x 10 Garden Shed Plan

200 square feet of interior space and a generously covered patio – shed you’ll be able to construct with this plan. Poolside, it would be a great place to store the brush and net behind a comfortable patio set. Place a gas-burning fire pit table, and you’ll have a relaxing focal point.

12x6 she shed plan

12 x 6 She Shed Plan

The structure you’ll build with this plan raises the bar for garden sheds for the backyard. With its French doors as the entry, framed on both sides with more divided lights, the shed looks more like a summer cottage than the functional and adaptable space.

6 x 8 Bike Shed Plan

This plan lets you construct a bike shed that provides room for several bikes and your collection of tools. It will be easy to access and eliminate the bikes in the living room or garage. It has fresh air ventilation but no windows, which means that your bikes and gear will stay safe.

16x24 garden shed plan

16 x 24 Garden Shed Plan

The shed you’ll build with this plan will have a shingled roof and shutters framing for door and windows. It has fresh air vents in the ends and the wood fascia could be painted a contrasting color. The double doors and sloped entry ramp make loading and unloading easy.

16x20 garden shed plan

16 x 20 Garden Shed Plan

Imagine nearly doubling your two-car garage without the cost of building a slab-on-grade structure. This garden shed gives you 320 square feet of space. As designed, it will add appeal to your yard, with its window and door shutters, along with the louvered vents in the side walls.

12x20 garden shed plan

12 x 20 Garden Shed Plan

This garden shed plan gives you 320 square feet of storage or easily converted livable space. It’s large enough for just about any purpose, from a woodshop to a media room. It has two windows and air vents to pull in the fresh air. The shed is easy to wire and plumb.

12x16 garden shed plan

12 x 16 Garden Shed Plan

Although you could use the garden shed for storage, this structure lends itself to being a livable space. With enough room that would provide ample space for any number of uses, from a family room to the perfect size for a hobby room. It has double doors and a sloped ramp entry.

12x16 storage shed plan

12 x 16 Storage Shed Plan

With 192 square feet, this shed size will allow you to store virtually anything. The double doors open to five feet across, which gives you plenty of room to move the bulkiest and most awkward equipment in and out. The building has two air vents in the gable-end walls.

4x6 bike shed plan

4 x 6 Bike Shed Plan

This compact shed frees up space in your home or garage for bicycle storage. It’s made with exterior-grade plywood and the same roofing materials that keep homes across the country dry. Structure easily holds two bicycles with the vinyl-coated hooks installed.

4x6 storage shed plan

4 x 6 Storage Shed Plan

This compact shed fits into the smallest corner of your yard and will easily store seasonal items, garden tools or old toys from the garage. With this plan, you’ll have a storage shed that is simple to build making it a starter project for anyone who wants to master construction techniques.

6x8 storage shed plan

6 x 8 Storage Shed Plan

This shed has natural ventilation in the gable ends, which provides plenty of fresh air so that fumes from any yard equipment you store inside it won’t build regardless of outdoor temperatures. This is a fairly standard shed plan of the size used to store just about anything!

12x12 garden shed plan

12 x 12 Garden Shed Plan

With 144 square feet of floor space, you won’t be lacking for space in this attractive garden shed. With a double-door and a ramp entry, it will be easy to move your tools or other equipment inside and out. The divided light windows on the sides of the shed let in ample daylight.

12x12 storage shed plan

12 x 12 Storage Shed Plan

You’ll never run out of room to keep the yard tools and equipment inside a weather-proof and safe shed you’ll construct using this plan. It has a double-door entry to ease putting things in and out. Each wall measures 12 feet, which nets you 144 square feet of storage space.

8x8 garden shed plan

8 x 8 Garden Shed Plan

An garden shed at the end of the path or tucked beside a tree might be all you need to have a quiet and private space. Or it might be just the spot to store your garden tools to free up space This shed plan features a ramp and double-doors for easy loading and unloading.

8x8 storage shed plan

8 x 8 Storage Shed Plan

Anyone who wants to build a storage shed on his own for the first time can easily undertake with this project. It’s a simple and functional plan that helps you learn how to make a gable vent or build a double-door entry. Its size is ample for storing your garden tools.

10x20 garden shed plan

10 x 20 Garden Shed Plan

When you need a storage space in your yard that is architecturally pleasing but fully functional, look no further than this solid shed. There’s plenty of room for batt insulation in the walls and floor. It has two generous windows, a double-door entry, and an easy-access ramp.

10x20 storage shed plan

10 x 20 Storage Shed Plan

Besides storage, there’s enough room in the shed to make it a multifunctional space by combining it with room for hobbies, especially with its ample daylight. There’s enough space on the roof to accommodate solar panels to generate electricity to use inside.

10x16 garden shed plan

10 x 16 Garden Shed Plan

With 160 square feet of room and plenty of daylight from two generous windows, this shed will give you the options you want for working, playing, or storing. The doors are trimmed with lattice and the windows have movable shutters. The floor is finished with plywood, as are the walls.

10x16 storage shed plan

10 x 16 Storage Shed Plan

The shed, with its understated forest green color, gable roof, and contrasting white trim, is a stylish and attractive storage unit that will look great in any outdoor area. With 100 square feet of space, there is plenty of room to create an area that suits any needs.

8x12 garden shed plan

8 x 12 Garden Shed Plan

This shed plan offers you a backyard building with style and lots of storage space. Its large floor space and nearly seven-foot ceiling plate will give you plenty of walking space and headroom. It will be easy to add wiring and plumbing to make it a more functional place.

8x12 storage shed plan

8 x 12 Storage Shed Plan

This plan provides you a private and secure shed that frees up your garage and basement. It will hold tall, long and wide equipment as easily as it will keep boxed items dry and easy to access. It’s also simple to run wires through its 2 x 4 walls for lights and outlets.

8x10 garden shed plan

8 x 10 Garden Shed Plan

This garden shed combines functional storage with a cottage-style exterior appearance. Besides providing plenty of space, it also has natural light from two generous windows. The shed could double as a playhouse for your kids or a retreat for you and your hobbies.

8x10 storage shed plan

8 x 10 Storage Shed Plan

This plan provides a shed with a functional place in a size that will accommodate most of the home and garden gear you need to keep on your property. Its footprint measures 80 square feet, a size that won’t take up much space but will be large enough to provide overflow storage.

10x14 garden shed plan

10 x 14 Garden Shed Plan

This farmhouse style garden shed is an attractive option if you need a space to store your garden tools, equipment, and supplies (or it could make for a standout She shed). At 140 square feet, there is a great deal of functional storage space with enough left over to move around easily as well.

10x12 garden shed plan

10 x 12 Garden Shed Plan

This colorful, gable roof garden shed is a great option for any yard. It is spacious, with 120 square feet of room, allowing for easy organization of all your tools and equipment. The ramp under the door makes it easier to transfer heavy items in and out.

10x14 storage shed plan

10 x 14 Storage Shed Plan

This plan helps you build a storage shed that is a perfect place to store your bulky, extra equipment. The 140 square foot structure has plenty of wall space to hang tools, store recreational equipment, or support shelves. The gable roof makes it a great option for all weather conditions.

10x12 storage shed plan

10 x 12 Storage Shed Plan

This is an ideal plan of a storage unit to build as a starter project. The double-door entry simplifies loading and unloading items, especially oversized equipment. The shed is the size of the typical secondary bedroom, and will easily hold oversized furniture.

10x10 garden shed plan

10 x 10 Garden Shed Plan

Though originally designed for use as a garden shed, the design of this 100 square foot space would also make for an attractive and compact She shed. The windows and double doors allow plenty of light to shine in, and make it a great multi-functional space that will look good anywhere.

10x10 storage shed plan

10 x 10 Storage Shed Plan

This plan will give you the practical shed with enough room you’ll need to conceal and organize any miscellaneous items you may have around the house. It is constructed with durable and strong materials that your items would be stored securely.