Learn How To Build A Shed With 28 Free DIY Plans

If you’re looking to build a shed for your home, choosing the right plans can set you up for a simple and successful project. By following this list of free shed plans you can easily find the one that will best meet your requirements. Read Guide


The first step in selecting your shed plans is to understand the regulations in your area. It’s important to research city requirements to identify any permits you might need. Your homeowner’s association may also have an architectural review board to consult. To get started, check with your municipal building department and your HOA president.


Once you know the regulations and limitations, you should establish your budget. This is your opportunity to customize a solution to meet your every need, so your budget should reflect that. When you are determining your budget, consider:

  • Do you have materials on hand, or will you be purchasing new materials?
  • Will you be doing the construction work yourself?
  • Have you allowed yourself a contingency for unexpected expenses?

Once you have a baseline budget, you can begin to research specific plans in more detail.

Shed Size

Next, you’ll need to consider how large the shed needs to be. Of course, you’ll need to consider your environment. How much room do you have? Will the shed be free-standing or attached to another structure? You’ll also need to answer the obvious question of function. A tool shed might be much smaller than a shed designed to house a tractor. Always be sure you allow space for the items you need to store plus any related items. For example, if you are building a lawnmower shed, you will want to make sure you have room to store the gas cans, oil, or other maintenance items as well.

Shed Roof

There are several types of roofing styles you can choose from. You’ll want to make your decision based on a combination of style, ease of construction, and function. There are five primary types of shed roofs to choose from:

  • Pent: The pent roof is one of the simplest shed roofs. There is a single, sloped plane, and it’s ideal for a building that is connected to a wall or leans against a fence where multiple slopes aren’t feasible.
  • Gable: A gable roof is made of two sloped planes that meet in the middle. I always equate a gable roof with a drawing that a child makes of a house, with two equal sides to the roof.
  • Hip: A hip roof has four separate sloped planes that meet in the center. These are often more visually appealing; however, the storage space in the roof area is somewhat limited. These roofs are often selected for pool houses or guard shacks where aesthetics are more important than storage.
  • Gambrel: A gambrel roof has two sides with two slopes on each side. There is a shallower slope first, and then a steeper slope. These are the types of roofs commonly found on barns, since they allow the most headroom and work well for lofts. They aren’t the most efficient use of building materials, but if upper storage is important, this type of roof can be a good solution.
  • Saltbox: A saltbox roof is unusual today, but was more commonly seen during the Colonial Era. Though this roof has the traditional two slopes, one slope of the roof is much shorter than the other. Historically, this design was preferred in areas where weather might be a problem. This shape can help deflect wind, rain and snow. Construction of this type of roof is slightly more complex, but it certainly creates a unique design.

Interior & Exterior Options

Once you have the basic design elements in place, you’ll want to consider additional options that you want to include. The possibilities are endless; however, a few of the most popular upgrades include:

  • Windows
  • Ramps
  • Lofts
  • Upgraded doors
  • Built-in shelving
  • Plumbing
  • Electricity
  • Insulation

You can make your shed as simple or as elaborate as you wish. The best part of building your own shed is that you can pick the plans that will result in the perfect shed for your unique needs.

Plan Detail

The final thing to consider when choosing plans for your shed is the level of detail provided in the plans. You will want to be sure that a material list is included. This is important to your budget as well as the durability of the final product. It’s important to make sure that the plan includes detailed measurements and cuttings. Having precise measurements in advance can save time and rework in the end. Finally, make sure the plans include step-by-step illustrated instructions. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true for the “do-it-yourself” enthusiast. Carefully evaluating the quality and detail in your plans will be invaluable once you begin construction.

Building a new shed can be an exciting process. The first step to choosing the right plans is research. Pairing that research with your requirements is equally important. Take the time to determine your specific needs and then find the plans that will meet those needs. In the end, the perfect plans will lead to the perfect shed!

10x20 gable garden shed

10’x20′ Garden Shed Plan

The shed is easy to wire and plumb since there’s plenty of room. The roof is strong enough for solar panels and there’s enough room for battery storage. It has two generous windows, a double-door entry and an easy-access ramp for loading and unloading. The doors are framed by lattice panels and each window has shutters on hinges.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10x20 gable storage shed

10’x20′ Storage Shed Plan

Besides storage, there’s enough room in the shed to make it a multifunctional space by combining it with room for hobbies, especially with its ample daylight. There’s enough space on the roof to accommodate solar panels to generate electricity to use inside this spacious shed.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10x16 gable garden shed

10’x16′ Garden Shed Plan

The garden shed has two ventilation vents for plenty of fresh air when the windows and doors are closed. The doors are trimmed with lattice and the windows have movable shutters. The ramp leading up to the double doors makes loading and unloading the shed simple. If you use the shed as a livable space, accessibility won’t be a problem for anyone. The floor is finished with plywood, as are the walls.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10x16 gable storage shed

10’x16′ Storage Shed Plan

The shed, with its understated forest green color, gable roof, and contrasting white trim, is a stylish and attractive storage unit that will look great in any outdoor area. With 100 square feet of space, there is plenty of room to create an area that suits your specific storage needs.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10x14 gable garden shed

10’x14′ Garden Shed Plan

This farmhouse style garden shed is an attractive option if you need a space to store your garden tools, equipment, and supplies (or it could make for a standout she shed). At 140 square feet, there is a great deal of functional storage space with enough left over to move around easily as well.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10’x12′ Garden Shed Plan

This colorful, 10 foot by 12 foot, gable roof garden shed is a great option for any yard. It is spacious, with 120 square feet of room, allowing for easy organization of all your garden tools and equipment. The ramp under the door makes it easier to transfer heavy items in and out, as well as providing safer access.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10x14 gable storage shed

10’x14′ Storage Shed Plan

This 10 foot by 14 foot storage shed is the perfect place to store your bulky, extra equipment. The 140 square foot shed has plenty of wall space to hang tools, store recreational equipment, or support shelves. The gable roof keeps rain and snow from settling on the shed, making it a great option for all weather conditions.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10x12 gable storage shed

10’x12′ Storage Shed Plan

This is an ideal garden shed or storage unit to build when as a starter project. It doesn’t require advanced building skills or many tools, yet provides plenty of storage or workspace. It has plenty of natural ventilation in the gabled ends that make it safe to store almost everything from yard and pool chemicals to paints and adhesives you use around the house.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10x10 gable garden shed

10’x10′ Garden Shed Plan

The features of this garden shed also make it an inviting livable space for the backyard. The sky’s the limit for painting and decorating it inside and out.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

10x10 gable storage shed

10’x10′ Storage Shed Plan

This practical unit will give you the room you need to conceal and organize any miscellaneous items you may have around the house. Furthermore, because it is constructed with durable and strong materials, you can be sure that your items will be securely stored and safely sheltered from the weather.

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by Dave Malcolm - Howtoplans.org

8x8 Lean-to Shed

8’x8’ Lean-to Shed Plan

The shed can be built on a concrete slab with piers or alternatively a wooden floor supported on skids. The sides are also wooden significantly reducing the cost of the shed.

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by Icreatables.com

10x8 Gable Roof Garage Shed

10’x8’ Gable Roof Garage Shed Plan

Due to limited space in urban homes, it is at times impossible to have both a garage and a shed. The Beaverton shed design tries to build a shed that will include all those needs under one roof.

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by Beavertonoregon.gov

12x8 Double Gable Garden Shed

12’x8’ Double Gable Roof Garden Shed Plan

This shed is not so easy to build but it can be repurposed for several uses such as storage or workshop shed. It can be made with a wooden floor on skids to make it movable or with a concrete foundation to make it firm.

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by Familyhandyman.com

6x8 Gambrel Shed

6’x8’ Gambrel Roof Shed Plan

A micro gambrel has a not so conventional structure looking at it from the front. The design is a unique way to build a shed that looks like a house but still distinctive from the house.

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by Tinyhousedesign.com

Gable Solar Shed

Solar Shed With Gable Roof Engineering Plan

It is a functional shed where the roof is fitted with solar panels to produce the energy required. It may be used to grow plants that require a controlled environment to grow or you may use it as a simple storage shed.

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by Handyhome.com

8x3 Milking Shed

8’x3’ Small-Scale Milking Shed Plan

The milking shed is most common in ranches and farms with dairy cattle. The milk shed design is simple but functional for its use. Unlike other sheds with one huge open space, milk sheds have several compartments depending on the number of livestock.

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by Agis.agric.za

16x24 Gable Shed

16’x24’ Gable Shed Plan

The Summerwood shed plan covers the design of huge sheds found in farms and ranches. The shed is multipurpose. The shed plan covers the construction of just the shed shell. Different materials can be used to complete the exterior in different designs.

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by Summerwood.com

6x6 Hip Roof Storage Shed

6’x6’ Compact Hip Roof Storage Shed Plan

The compact is a tiny attractive structure is a compound. The shed is a beautifully constructed tool shed. It is small in size and has a tiled gable roof and a designed heavy door. Inside there is a rack that has spots for different farm tools such as shovels and rakes.

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by Familyhandyman.com

8x10 Modular Wood Shed

8’x10’ Simple Modular Wood Shed Plan

This wooden shed is by far the simplest to construct. In presence of all materials it can be constructed within a day with about three people. It is used to protect wood from the rain while providing a place to keep it organised.

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by AQFairbanks.com

8x8 Backyard Gable Shed

8’x8’ Backyard Gable Shed Plan

Rona designed this particular shed to be positioned at the backyard. It can be a storage unit or a workshop space. It is easy to customise it both the interior and the exterior and requires very low maintenance.

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by Rona.ca

10x10 Storage Shed

10’x10’ Standard Storage Shed Plan

The 10’x10’ storage shed uses the simple structure of a basic shed but is larger in size to give room for more storage space. Such sheds can be placed on a concrete slab or an anchored wooden floor.

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by Palmcoastgov.com

7x8 Gable Shed

7’x8’ Standard Gable Shed Plan

This is a specialised shed made by the habitat for humanity for use in particular areas.  The design is however very good and cost effective. It is a fairly simple shed made of vinyl walls and a metal door.

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by Habitatcharlotte.org

8x12 Storage Shed

8’x12′ Storage Shed Plan

Master sheds are easy to construct and can be customised to fit different styles. They can have flat, sloping and gable roofs. The roof is important is creating an aesthetic design for the shed.

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by Floridabuilding.org

12x12 Loafing Shed

12’x12’ Loafing Shed Plan

This is a spacious shed suitable for all types of livestock. The shed is most common in areas with long summer periods for farm animals to take shed in when it gets too hot.

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by Larimer.org

10x8 Lean-to Storage Shed

10’x8’ Lean-to Storage Shed Plan

The shed can be built on a concrete slab with piers or alternatively a wooden floor supported on skids. The sides are also wooden significantly reducing the cost of the shed. It can be built independently next to a wall but still maintain its four walls.

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by Just-sheds.com

8x8 Garden Shed

8’x8’ Garden Shed Plan

This shed is a simple garden storage used to store tools among other garden products and equipment. It can be moved to a different location so it does not have a foundation.

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by Nzwood.co.nz

12x8 Gable Shed

12’x8’ Standard Gable Shed Plan

This basic shed plans are good for several shed designs. For a growing family the uses of a shed keep changing. It can be altered to fit a desired look and adjusted to particular measurements.

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by Designer-shed-plans.com

12x16 Storage Shed

12’x16’ Basic Storage Shed Plan

It is a larger basic shed providing more room for storage and work. The shed uses gravel and skids to make the shed foundation. Due to its large size it requires a stronger foundation for stability.

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by Jeromephillip.com

10x12 Storage Shed

10’x12’ Cottage Storage Shed Plan

The cottage shed has such a beautiful design suitable for any backyard. It also has pulled up doors that make it efficient when closing or removing and putting things in the shed.

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by Familyhandyman.com

8x12 Storage Shed

8’x12’ Value Storage Shed Plan

It is a simple to construct shed that can be repurposed for several uses and can be scaled up to build a large shed when need arises without necessarily starting from scratch. The value shed can serve several shed purposes.

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by Dravisbuildings.com

12x8 Gable Storage Shed

12’x8’ Wooden Gable Storage Shed Plan

The basic wooden shed is simple in construction and design just as the name suggests. It has a simple gable roof and is fitted with double doors. The shed is well lit from all the side and rear windows creating a comfortable work space.

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by Mycadsite.com

Shed Tips

Shed decoration

10 Smart Ways to Decorate Your Shed

I have compiled a list of some makeover ideas that will hopefully inspire you to transform an ordinary shed into your intimately personalized space. Whatever the case, you can never go wrong with these fantastic ideas.

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