10 x 12 Garden Shed Plan


This 10 foot by 12 foot, gable roof, a garden shed is a great option for any yard. It is spacious, with 120 square feet of room, allowing for easy organization of all your garden tools and equipment. The ramp under the door makes it easier to transfer heavy items in and out, as well as providing safer access to space. The windows on either side of the shed brighten the interior, making it easier to find what you need and could also provide a safe place to store and sprout seedlings. The colorful yellow accents on the blue exterior of the shed are playful and distinctive and will add a little whimsy and fun to any outdoor space.

Let's begin!

Materials you’ll need

  • Concrete
  • Bricks
  • Pressure-Treated Lumber
  • Pressure-Treated Board
  • Plywood
  • Building paper
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Window lock
  • Wood siding boards
  • Door hinges
  • Door Pulls
  • Surface Bolts
  • Galvanized nails
  • Wood screws
  • Glass
  • Wood square louver gable vent

Step 1 – Foundation Preparation

1.1 Clear the area where you want to build the shed and layout for the foundation. Use the below illustration as a guide.

1.2 For the foundation, dig the trenches at least 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep.

1.3 Fill the trenches to ground level with concrete and let cure, or harden. Since curing times vary between brands, read the packaging for the recommended times.

1.4 Once the concrete has cured, use standard-sized bricks and lay them across the foundation.
10x12 gable garden shed foundation preparation

Step 2 – Framing The Floor

2.1 Assemble the frame using pressure-treated lumber. You will need eight boards for the floor joist.

2.2 Secure the beams with flat head Phillips wood screws.

2.3 Make sure all the corners are 90° using a square.

10x12 gable garden shed floor framing

Step 3 – Assemble Front Wall Frame

3.1 Construct the front wall frame using the drawing below as a reference.

3.2 Use flat head Phillips wood screws to connect the beams.

3.3 Check the corners to make sure they are 90°.

10x12 gable garden shed front wall framing

Step 4 – Assemble Back Wall Frame

4.1 Construct the back wall frame using treated lumber and the drawing below as a reference.

4.2 Connect the beams with wood screws.

4.3 Using a speed square or carpenter’s square, check the corners to verify that they are 90°.

10x12 gable garden shed back wall framing

Step 5 – Assemble Left and Right Wall Frames

5.1 Using treated lumber, construct the two side wall frames, using the drawing as a reference.

5.2 Join the beams with Phillips flat head wood screws.

5.3 Verify that all the corners are 90°.

10x12 gable garden shed side walls framing

Step 6 – Assemble the Roof Frame

6.1 Cut 16 rafters using pressure-treated lumber by following the dimensions.

6.2 Using treated lumber, cut six collar ties according to the dimensions.

6.3 Using the treated board, cut a ridge board as shown in the illustration below.

6.4 Assemble the beams with flat head Phillips wood screws.

10x12 gable garden shed roof framing

Step 7 – Roof Sheathing Installation

7.1 You will need 185 square feet of asphalt roofing material.

7.2 Attach the metal drip edge to the fascias

7.3 Cover the plywood with building or roofing paper.

7.4 Install asphalt shingle roofing using a hammer and roofing nails or an industrial stapler.

10x12 gable garden shed roof sheathing

Step 8 – Assemble and Install Window Shutters

This plan needs four windows shutters.

8.1 Assemble shutter frames using treated lumber and secure with Phillips wood screws.

8.2 Mill a recess along the vertical girts for the shutter’s slats.

8.3 Use pressure-treated lumber for the slats and cut 22 boards.

8.4 Install door hinges using wood screws.

10x12 gable garden shed window shutters

Step 9 – Assemble and Install Pergolas

This plan uses two pergolas as decorative shutters around the double doors.

9.1 Make the front frame using treated lumber and fasten it together with wood screws.

9.2 Make the back frame treated lumber and secure with wood screws.

9.3 Use pressure-treated lumber for the lattice. You will need 36 boards.

10x12 gable garden shed pergolas

Step 10 – Assemble and Install Roof Drainage System

10.1 You will need a half round gutter, end pieces with the outlet, 45° elbows, pipes, joint connectors and end caps to make the roof drainage system.

10.2 Fasten the round gutter to the fascia with the round hangers.

10.3 Fasten the vertical pipe sections with the four wall fasteners at even intervals.

10x12 gable garden shed roof drainage system

Step 11 – Assemble and Install Door Ramp

11.1 Make 5 door ramp frames from pressure-treated lumber and secure with flat head wood screws.

11.2 Connect and secure the frames using wood screws.

11.3 Cut the plywood sheet for the top plate and for the sides.

11.4 Assemble siding shields with galvanized nails.

10x12 gable garden shed door ramp

Step 12 – Decorate the Shed

Don’t forget to choose the desirable paint for your mood and the colors of your yard. Decorate your chicken coop by giving it unique and stylish look.
10x12 gable garden shed

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10x12 garden shed plan

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