Phoenix 12×14 Lean-to Roof Storage Shed Plan

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12x14 lean to storage shed

Shed overview


The 12×14 Phoenix Storage Shed is a very simple shed to build, and it provides 168 sq. ft. of interior floor space with an 8-foot ceiling. The shed provides lots of options for shelving and organizational applications like pegboards and hooks for garden tools. The roof is a simple and low-cost build design on a higher back wall that allows enough pitch for shedding water. The construction design of the shed is solid with materials that have staying power. The shed utilizes a ramp with double doors that open to 5-feet wide to 6-feet tall that provides enough room for riding lawn mowers, ATVs, and snowmobiles. The shed provides years of durability, a variety of storage solutions, and options for preferred color and shingle application.



Roof type Lean-to Door type Double door

Depth (ft.)


Door size (in.)

56 x 72

Width (ft.)


Door ramp size (in.)

49.75 x 108.75

Height (ft.)


Coverage Area (sq. ft.)



12x14 lean to storage shed plan

Premium 12×14 Shed Plan Description


The 12×14 Phoenix Storage Shed plan is a detailed step by step and easy to follow DIY guide. The plan starts off with a material list that contains everything you need to know about the shed and all of the construction materials required to build it. From site preparation to construction, it’s a good visual of what the project entails, and each phase of construction is clearly labeled with accurate information under each section. The instructional guide starts off with the foundation, which is the first phase of construction. Each step has a numerical order of instructions to complete the phase followed by detailed pictures and measurements for each piece of cut lumber. 3-D illustrations provide a good view of what every section should look like when it’s completed. Each section also has the size and type of hardware like nails and screws required for fastening applications. It provides a stock-color that can be modified to any color and style of asphalt shingle.



Siding blueprints


Optimal layout for plywood

No special skills needed

Asphalt shingle applications

Door ramp instructions

Door instructions

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FAQs & Answers


1. Do I need a permit?

A: In most local townships and municipalities, if a shed is less than 100sqft, you do not need a permit. For sheds more than 100sqft, it’s always best to go to your local town office and inquire about a building permit. 

2. How much it would cost me to build?

A: According to most building cost estimator programs, the average cost for materials to build a shed is about $22.85 per square foot. For example, an 8’x10’ shed equals 80sqft x $22.85 = $1,828.00.  

3. How much time will I need to build it?

A: The size of the shed plays a role in how long it will take to build it. An average 8’x10’ shed can be built in 3 to 4 days from start to finish.  

4. Do I need expensive tools or large equipment?

A: You do not need expensive tools, a typical miter and table saw will work just fine. You will also need basic hand tools, corded drill or cordless screw gun, standard 7 1/4’ skill saw, and a variety of garden tools for the foundation. 

5. Can I move my shed to another location?

A: You can move your shed to another location; however, a new foundation will need to be installed. Additionally, interior bracing, heavy-duty straps, and a small crane or front-end loader may be required to safely lift the structure to put it on a trailer or move it to another location on the property.

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12x14 lean to storage shed plan

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