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4x6 gable bike shed


Shed overview


The 4’x6’ Comfy Bike Shed is the perfect solution for storing bicycles and creating additional space in basements and garages. The shed is constructed and engineered with top-rated construction materials that provide decades of low-maintenance and durability. The Comfy may only have 24 sq. ft. of floor space, but its designed interior is made to store two bikes by using rubber-coated hooks and plywood kick-plates. The gable roof of the Comfy adds more ceiling height, which can be used to hang tires, rims, misc parts, tools or even another bike. This shed will look good no matter where it’s placed, and it provides a secure structure for high-end and expensive bikes. The double doors open up the width of the shed, which makes storing and retrieving bicycles easy. The Comfy also comes with the flexibility to match existing shingles on a house or to paint or stain it to match perfectly.



Roof type Lean-to Door type Double door

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4x6 bike shed plan


Premium 4×6 Shed Plan Description


The 4’x6’ Comfy Bike Shed Plan is an innovative and easy-to-use step by step blueprint for building a shed. The material list contains the types of screws, nails, bicycle hooks, lumber, plywood, shingles, hardware, and foundation and roofing materials to use. The difficulty level of this shed is easy; therefore, it’s perfect for first-time builders or DIY enthusiasts. The plan aids the builder by using 2D/3D illustrations that contain exclusive views of each section. The steps are sub-divided into additional steps that simplify the construction process. The plan can be downloaded in PDF format, which provides a good set of blueprints to work from at the construction site. Additionally, it provides useful information on how to install bicycle hangers and shelving to maximize storage space.



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FAQs & Answers


1. Do I need a permit?

A: In most local townships and municipalities, if a shed is less than 100sqft, you do not need a permit. For sheds more than 100sqft, it’s always best to go to your local town office and inquire about a building permit. 

2. How much it would cost me to build?

A: According to most building cost estimator programs, the average cost for materials to build a shed is about $22.85 per square foot. For example, an 8’x10’ shed equals 80sqft x $22.85 = $1,828.00.  

3. How much time will I need to build it?

A: The size of the shed plays a role in how long it will take to build it. An average 8’x10’ shed can be built in 3 to 4 days from start to finish.  

4. Can I use my bike shed as a repair shop?

A: Your bike shed can be made into the perfect repair shop by adding electrical power and a workbench. The double doors allow for more lighting and ease of access. A bike stand can be mounted in the center of the floor, making this an all-in-one repair shop. 

5. Will the bike shed keep my expensive bikes safe

A: The windowless design and solid construction will keep high-end and expensive bicycles safe. The double doors are built with pressure-treated lumber and wood siding, and they use heavy-duty hardware with locking handles. For more protection, there are also a variety of exterior locking hardware applications available at your local home improvement store that can be easily installed on your bike shed.

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4x6 bike shed plan

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