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8x15 chicken coop for 8 chickens


Chicken coop overview


The 8’x15’ Cluckerson chicken tractor is a brilliant and portable design on six wheels, making mobility, practical. The architecture of this structure will make a fun and striking statement on any farm or backyard. The coop and nesting boxes on both sides provide 32 sq. ft. of interior floor space, and the aviary offers 60 sq. ft. of roaming space. Cabinet-style doors open up into the coop as well as a hatch door directly underneath it. The nesting boxes also have access doors for egg collection and cleaning. Although the Cluckerson is a portable structure, the wire-meshed aviary provides superior protection for chickens, and the access door in the aviary allows chickens to come out when the conditions are safe. The wheels provide mobility for quick relocation, and a variety of styles can be installed on this structure. The Cluckerson safely holds up to eight chickens, and it can be easily decorated to match buildings or working farm tractors.



Type Chicken tractor Door size (in.) 37,25×20,25

Depth (ft.)


Coverage Area (sq. ft.)


Width (ft.)


Nesting boxes


Height (in.)


Chicken capacity



8x15 chicken tractor plan


Premium Plan Description


The 8’x15 Cluckerson chicken tractor’s plan is unique and fun to build with the DIY step by step blueprint. The difficulty of building this structure is medium, but the plan can help novice builders and DIY enthusiast get the job done. It displays a material list, and all of the construction materials, fasteners, and hardware can be purchased at any big-box home improvement center. The blueprint makes construction easy by incorporating step by step instructions into its design, and CAD software provides amazing views that serve as an excellent visual guide. The guide clearly shows the builder how to frame the coop and aviary walls and where to place the metal L-brackets for superior structural strength. Additionally, the Cluckerson’s plan is convenient to print and have on site.



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FAQs & Answers


1. Do I need a permit to build a chicken coop?

A: In most cases, local regulations stipulate buildings that are over 100sqft require a permit, chicken coops included. If your coop is under a 100sqft, chances are you don’t need one.

2. Can I legally have chickens in my backyard?

A: Most bylaws and regulations stipulate that where chickens are allowed, a required distance between your neighbor’s property line and the coop needs to be enacted.  

3. How much does it cost to build a chicken coop?

A: This depends on the type, style, and size of the chicken coop. For smaller coops 100sqft and under, you can expect to pay between $500 and $1000, and for larger coops 200sqft and more, you can expect to pay between $1500 to $4000.

4. Do I need to move my chicken tractor?

A: Chickens are known for leaving rich deposits of nitrogen and leaving them in one area for too long can actually contaminate the soil in that area and cause over-foraging. You should move your chicken tractor around to different locations and reap the benefits of a nice flowerbed or vegetable garden.

5. Are chicken tractors hard to build?

A: Chicken tractors are just another structure built with different construction techniques to minimize weight, so they can be easily moved about. Our extended version of our chicken tractor’s plans makes construction possible for anyone.

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