Chicken coops FAQ

Q: What’s the difference between free and premium chicken coop plans? 

A: The premium chicken coop plans has more details than a free plan. It has at least twice amount of steps than regular plan, full materials, and cuttings list.

Q: Do I need a permit to have chickens? 

A: If you have just a few hens, legally you don’t have to register or license them; however, in certain jurisdictions, you may find that keeping poultry in the deeds of the property isn’t allowed. 

Q: Can you have chickens in a residential neighborhood? 

A: In residential neighborhoods, if you have 1/4 of an acre, you can have up to six chickens; however, roosters are not permitted and the coop must be at least three feet from your neighbor’s property line. 

Q: How big should my coop be for six chickens? 

A: If you plan on keeping your birds inside the run at all times, you should plan on about 10sqft per chicken. You would need a coop that had 60sqft or even a little more, which is a good idea to give them some extra room to roam. 

Q: Can I move my chicken coop? 

A: If you want to utilize your chicken coop for fertilizing the soil in different locations on your property or occasionally move it, you should select a portable chicken coop. 

Q: Do I need a chicken run for my chicken house? 

A: You do not need a chicken run for a chicken house, but it’s a good idea to have a small wire-meshed pen in cases where you may need to gather them quickly if a predator comes onto your property. 

Q: Are chicken tractors safe for chickens at night? 

A: Chicken tractors are designed with a coop that has an access door for the chickens, but it can also be locked at night, keeping the chickens safely secure inside the coop.