21 Free & Premium DIY Chicken Coop Plans

Chicken coop construction is not that difficult! We are going to teach you how to build a comfortable and functional chicken coop for your birds. Follow through and you will learn everything you need to know about constructing a DIY chicken enclosure; right from the equipment you need through to the best materials to opt for and tips on how to enhance the comfort of your chicken pen. Check out our chicken coop plans below to get started.

5x13 chicken tractor

ChickInn 5×13 Chicken Tractor Plan

The ChickInn provides 65 sq. ft. of space inside the aviary, coop, and nesting box area. This is a great looking structure that features mobility, and it’s designed to hold up to eight chickens. Large wheels under the nesting box and sturdy wooden handle on the opposite end makes it easy to move.

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4x12 chicken tractor

Archivolt 4×12 Chicken Tractor Plan

The Archivolt features mobility for natural feeding off the ground and fertilization wherever the tractor is placed. It offers 48 sq. ft. of space for up to 10 chickens to roam and fertilize the soil. Nine-inch wheels steer and guide the tractor when the front is lifted either by hand or other machinery.

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13x5 chicken run

Muddy Cluckers 13×5 Chicken Run Plan

The Muddy Cluckers is an elegant looking structure that won’t look out of place no matter the location. The enclosed and safety protected wire-meshed aviary offers 65 sq. ft. of roaming space. The coop is just as impressive with another 30 .sq. ft. of nesting and roosting space.

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39x19 chicken run

Double Max 39×19 Chicken Run Plan

The Double Max chicken run is for large-scale egg and fresh poultry production, and it has a maximum capacity of 56 chickens. The total square footage of the floor comes in at 741 sq. ft. and the coop provides a comfortable 108 sq. ft. of roosting and nesting space.

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8x15 chicken tractor

Cluckerson 8×15 Chicken Tractor Plan

The Cluckerson is a brilliant and portable design on six wheels, making mobility, practical. The architecture of this structure will make a striking statement on any backyard. The coop and nesting boxes on both sides provide 32 sq. ft. of interior floor space and the aviary offers 60 sq. ft.

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9x42 chicken run

Cluck Canyon 9×42 Chicken Run Plan

The Cluck Canyon definitely lives up to its name with gorges of room for the chickens to run. As a matter of fact, inside the protected wire-meshed aviary is 342 sq. ft. of room to explore and the coop provides another 36 sq. ft. for nesting and roosting. It can accommodate up to 22 chickens.

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4x12 walk in chicken coop

EggPlant 4×12 Walk In Chicken Coop Plan

The EggPlant provides 48 sq. ft. on the ground, 20 sq. ft. inside the coop, and an exterior-mounted nesting box. Cabinet-style doors open up into the coop, and there’s also a convenient door on the nesting box for making cleaning and egg harvesting a breeze as well as tending to hatchlings.

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17x6 walk in chicken coop

Foghorn 17×6 Walk In Chicken Coop Plan

The Foghorn is a modern and cool looking structure. It offers 18 sq. ft. inside the coop and a protruding nesting box on the left wall that has an access door mounted on the top for easy egg harvesting and cleaning. The aviary has a full-sized door that leads into a 102 sq. ft. of space for the chickens to roam.

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12x8 chicken run

Shall-Lay 12×8 Chicken Run Plan

The Shall-Lay is a split-level chicken sanctuary and enclosed aviary. The house provides 32 sq. ft. of floor space and a ladder leads chickens down to 96 sq. ft. of free space to roam inside the protected wire-meshed aviary. This structure provides a healthy living environment for the chickens. Perfect for amateur chicken growers.

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10x8 hen house

Hilton 10×8 Hen House Plan

The Hilton offers 80 sq. ft. of interior floor space, and it can accommodate up to 30 chickens. This is a great looking chicken coop and it is designed for those who are serious about protection for their flock. The construction only uses materials with staying power and low-maintenance qualities. This is an ultimate chicken shed you can’t resist.

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4x4 chicken house

Nugget 4×4 Chicken House Plan

This is a cool chicken house because the door also doubles as the door ramp for the chickens and access into the house. Inside is a generous 16 sq. ft. of floor space with nesting boxes on both sides adding an additional 8 sq. ft. each. Outside are convenient access doors to the nesting boxes for easy cleaning.

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5x6 chicken house

deVille 5×6 Chicken House Plan

The deVille chicken house is a great DIY starter project for those who have 10 chickens or less. It offers 30 sq. ft. of floor space and lots of room for nesting boxes. It’s built on a footing constructed with concrete and mortared-bricks. The floor is framed with 2”x6” pressure-treated lumber for extra durability.

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7x6 a frame chicken coop

Chez Poulet 7×6 A-Frame Chicken Coop Plan

The Chez Poulet coop is for those who have never had chickens before. It can accommodate up to six chickens, and it’s a perfect size. The A-frame design maximizes interior floor space with 42 sq. ft. Two nesting boxes are furnished with doors for cleaning and harvesting eggs.

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30x15 walk in chicken coop

Dual Max 30×15 Walk In Chicken Coop Plan

The Dual Max is a professional series for those with large flocks. It has a nice entry door for easy access to clean and harvest eggs. It offers 90 sq. ft. of floor space inside the house with plenty of room for nesting boxes. It also features three conveniently located walk-in doors under the awning.

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24x8 chicken coop perspective preview

Big Bird 24×8 Walk In Chicken Coop Plan

The Big Bird provides 192 sq. ft. of space for as many as 50 chickens to roam and rest. This is a sizable structure built on a concrete and mortared-brick footing. The framework utilizes pressure-treated lumber that outperforms standard kiln-dried lumber. It is based on Scandinavian design.

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4x3 chicken house

Cluck Rodgers 4×3 Chicken House Plan

The Cluck Rodgers offers 12 sq. ft. of interior floor space, and it can accommodate three to six chickens without a problem. The main access door is furnished with a viewing window, 6” door pull and heavy-duty hinges to ensure repeated use without failure. The nesting box is spacious and cozy.

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4x6 chicken house

Hen Solo 4×6 Chicken House Plan

The Hen Solo is for those who are just starting out with farming as it safely accommodates up to six chickens. The chicken house is built above the ground with convenient access doors and a nesting box door for collecting eggs. The door and ladder provide easy access for the chickens.

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6x12 chicken run

Henny Penny 6×12 Chicken Run Plan

The Henny Penny chicken run provides 36 sq. ft. of roosting space and 36 sq. ft. for a chicken run. This is a stationary structure as it’s built on a solid concrete footing. This chicken run has a capacity for up to 12 chickens and is constructed with materials that stand the test of time.

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8x16 chicken run

Luke SkySquawker 8×16 Chicken Run Plan

The Luke SkySquawker is a gable-roofed structure with a 128 sq. ft. split in half for a sizable roost and run. This chicken run is designed for 20 chickens, and it provides them with lots of room in an enclosed run and secure environment. Raised nesting boxes ensure easy collection of eggs.

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4x8 chicken run

Lady Kluck 4×8 Chicken Run Plan

The Lady Kluck provides 32 sq. ft. of space for the birds with a wire mesh aviary’s door for easy access and letting the chickens outside. It can safely hold up to 8 chickens. A nice little wooden ladder provides access into the roost, and the side door provides easy cleaning and collection of the eggs.

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6x10 walk in chicken coop

Dixie 6×10 Chicken Coop Plan

The Dixie will look good on any farm or backyard. It offers 60 sq. ft. of enclosed space that can accommodate 10 chickens without them being restricted to a small space. The aviary’s wire mesh keeps the birds safe from predators. The Dixie is perfect for the small farmer or the average homeowner.

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