21 Free Chicken Coop Plans For Small Medium and Large Coops

Chicken coop construction is not that difficult! We are going to teach you how to build a comfortable and functional chicken coop for your birds. Follow through and you will learn everything you need to know about constructing a DIY chicken enclosure; right from the equipment you need through to the best materials to opt for and tips on how to enhance the comfort of your chicken pen. Check out our chicken coop plans below to get started.

4x8 chicken run plan

4 x 8 Chicken Run Plan

If you live in a mild climate think about building this 4 x 8 chicken run with a raised shelter for roosting and egg laying. It’s fully enclosed to keep out predators and confine the chickens in a safe space. This coop has a human-sized entry door that opens into the outdoor space.

8x16 chicken run plan

8 x 16 Chicken Run Plan

When you need a chicken coop that has plenty of space and function, consider this plan. With an enclosed run, your birds will have room to stretch their legs and enjoy the fresh air without fear of predation. The coop has raised nesting boxes that provide safety for your hens.

6x12 chicken run plan

6 x 12 Chicken Run Plan

This chicken run plan combines an enclosed structure for the birds along with space for them to be outdoors. It can provide enough walk-around and roosting space. It is a perfect solution for hobbyists who need to restrict the range of their birds periodically.

4x6 chicken house plan

4 x 6 Chicken House Plan

If you’re just getting into raising chickens, this plan gives you a good starting point. It’s for six chickens who will have plenty of warmth and security as well as an easy access outside. The coop has an access door for easy cleaning, a window and a secure door.

4x3 chicken house plan

4 x 3 Chicken House Plan

The coop features convenient entry points for feeding, cleaning, and harvesting eggs. The gabled roof provides protection in harsh weather, and with approved heating and insulation, the coop can provide protection for your birds even through the coldest winters.

24x8 walk in chicken coop plan

24 x 8 Walk In Chicken Coop Plan

Ideal for those looking to keep a large number of birds or to increase the size of their flock. This walk-in chicken coop offers plenty of living space and two large walk-in doors. The Scandinavian design makes it a pleasant addition to your exterior living space. It can house up to 50 chickens.

7x6 a frame chicken coop plan

7 x 6 A-Frame Chicken Coop Plan

This A-frame chicken coop can house up to six chickens. It is of a medium complexity to build and should take several days to construct. This design is particularly useful for nesting chickens producing eggs, as it has four separate hatching areas.

5x6 chicken house plan

5 x 6 Chicken House Plan

This chicken coop is designed for up to 10 chickens to have roosting and nesting room without making a huge footprint in your yard or farm space. It is great for beginning farmers. It features a full-size access door as well as a window to allow for increased airflow.

4x4 chicken house plan

4 x 4 Chicken House Plan

This chicken coop plan features convenient entry points for feeding, cleaning, and harvesting eggs and is perfect for small or beginning farmers. The design is stationary, and it has two access hatches to get to the nesting areas. It is of medium difficulty to construct.

10x8 hen house plan

10 x 8 Hen House Plan

This plan shows you how to build a 10 foot by 8 foot hen house that is capable of housing up to thirty chickens. It is a stationary structure, complete with nesting areas, windows, and doors for both the birds and for you to clean, feed and collect eggs or hatchlings.

12x8 chicken run plan

12 x 8 Chicken Run Plan

This is a stationery design for a 12×8 chicken run, complete with roosting areas and hatchling boxes. The 96 square feet of space allows plenty of room for interior roaming in the aviary, while the raised nesting box provides an extra level of security from predators.

17x6 walk in chicken coop plan

17 x 6 Walk In Chicken Coop Plan

This lean-to style chicken coop is of a medium difficulty to construct and is perfect for any urban farm, backyard hatchery, or large-scale producer. It is a stationery design, with roosting areas as well as plenty feet of space for roaming. The design is perfect for expansion.

4x12 walk in chicken coop plan

4 x 12 Walk In Chicken Coop Plan

This is a lean-to style chicken coop that will be tall enough to allow you to walk inside. The coop is designed with protected areas for nesting and roosting, while still allowing space for roaming while the coop is closed. It is spacious and sturdy enough to protect your chickens.

9x42 chicken run plan

9 x 42 Chicken Run Plan

This plan is for an extra large chicken coop with a lean-to roof design and space for up to 22 chickens. Two different doors offer entry to the main chicken run and to the roosting area. Another hatch door on the back allows an additional way to collect eggs or access for cleaning. It may take up to a week to build.

8x15 chicken tractor plan

8 x 15 Chicken Tractor Plan

This design is one of the most convenient. It looks attractive in a yard and will be easily accessed by you and your chickens. The simple directions and clear illustrations are easy to follow and take you through the entire process step by step. It should take about 4 to 5 days to build, depending on your skill level.

39x19 chicken run plan

39 x 19 Chicken Run Plan

This chicken coop is over 740 square feet, it provides enough space for both roosting and roaming area for up to 55 chickens. The gable style roof provides shelter and multiple access doors allow for easy entry to feed, clean, and harvest to both the run and the nesting area.

13x5 chicken run plan

13 x 5 Chicken Run Plan

This is a stationary chicken run design for entry-level farmers and builders. Its 65 square feet of space provides enough room for eight chickens to nest and roam. The gabled roof will provide safe shelter for your chickens year round. Its design will also keep your flock safe from predators.

4x12 chicken tractor plan

4 x 12 Chicken Tractor Plan

The arc design provides a free flow of air and makes the overall frame more sturdy during transportation. The rear nesting area provides plenty of protection from predators and shelter from the weather for up to ten chickens. Doors allow access to the front aviary and the nesting area without any stress.

5x13 chicken tractor plan

5 x 13 Chicken Tractor Plan

This chicken coop is designed to be mobile, it’s roof offers sturdy protection, even in heavy storms. The raised nesting area provides extra protection from predators. With proper insulation and quality materials, it can also house your chickens through most cold spells.