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How Much Does it Cost to Build a Shed?

The price for building a shed depends on a lot of different factors. Although a shed’s primary function is to store items you typically don’t want in your house, it’s also an extension of your house. When you’re thinking about building a shed for storage solutions, the price most certainly plays a role in your […]

Tricking Out Your Coop with these 12 Cool Ideas

Many chicken-owners feel that they never do enough for their coops. New ideas always come up. New gadgets will need installing, and you will also want to try out something you think could work on your coop. Whenever chicken-owners build or make changes to their coop, all they want is make the adventure fun, cleaner, […]

How to Cut Wood Safely

Whether you are an avid carpenter or someone who is just starting out it‘s important to know how to cut wood safely. However, without the proper safety techniques, working with wood and saws can very quickly become a disaster. Saws are powerful tools equipped with blades that spin at dizzying speeds. Although modern saws are […]

What Carpentry Skills Do You Need for Chicken Coop Construction

Building a chicken coop has a lot in common with building a house. It’s a good way to hone your carpentry and do-it-yourself skills. You might be surprised at the range of skills required. Before you start, you will need to understand what skills you will need, and then practice them so that your coop […]

Using Levels and Squares in a Construction Process

Levels can be one of the most common tools if you know how to read them. The following sections will describe the different types of levels, the proper use, and reading, as well as the versatility of project goals that levels can help you accomplish.

10 Smart Ways to Decorate Your Shed

I have compiled a list of some makeover ideas that will hopefully inspire you to transform an ordinary shed into your intimately personalized space. Whatever the case, you can never go wrong with these fantastic ideas.

19 Creative Chicken Coop Decoration Ideas

Now that your chicken coop is built and all of the necessities are installed, there are plenty of opportunities to use your creativity. After you’ve spent some time enjoying the antics and feather fluffing of your adorable flock, it’s time for more projects to tackle. There are a ton of inspiring websites that describe whimsical […]

Helpful Accessories for Furnishing Your Chicken Coop

When you get ready to furnish your chicken coop, there are a few things that you won’t be able to do without. Hens need nesting boxes for laying their eggs, although they’re willing to share them. At night, they like to roost on a raised perch. A good chicken feed delivery system will keep your […]

Five Best Shed Foundations to Keep Your Structure Solid

Building a new backyard shed is a fairly simple, cost-effective way to ensure your storage needs are met. However, before you actually start building, you’ll first need to ensure that the shed has a proper foundation.

25 Ways to Secure your Chicken Coop From Predators

Raising chickens is a rewarding experience in many ways. They can be delightful to have around, and fresh eggs are a welcome addition to the daily menu. If you have chickens, however, you’ll need to protect them from a variety of predators that want to eat them and their eggs.