Dave MalcolmWelcome! My name is Dave Malcolm and I’m the proud and dedicated owner of this site. I’m an alumnus of the University of Houston who has a true zeal for a vast range of diverse topics. These topics include woodworking, sustainable living, landscaping and, last but not least, gardening. I regularly put together comprehensive chicken coop and shed projects that other people can use. I do this with the assistance of professional construction experts and architects alike.

I strive to give the public access to useful chicken coop and shed projects. I come up with these projects not only by myself but also with projects that are designed by the fellow woodworkers from around the world. I scour the Internet on a routine basis for great content and of course woodworking plans. That’s the reason I happily refer to myself as being a chicken coop and shed project “curator” of sorts. I frequently pen brief and straightforward plan reviews that list all positive and negative components.

I launched this website out of the desire to give other people access to high-quality woodworking ideas and concepts. I set up this website out of the need to connect with fellow woodworking lovers everywhere as well. The number one aim of this site is to educate people who want to learn how to construct standard garden buildings. This site can come in handy for people who lack any woodworking abilities. This Internet guide can help beginners. It can also aid seasoned professionals who have substantial experience on their sides. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even given woodworking a second thought before. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been crazy about woodworking and all it entails for your entire life. My site can give you inspiration, practical suggestions and more.

Don’t hesitate if you have excellent storage shed and chicken coop ideas you wish to give others, either. I’m always more than happy to hear suggestions from the people who visit my site.

Dave Malcolm