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Howtoplans.org was created to fill the gap in the market for detailed, easy to build chicken coop and shed plans. It has since become a trusted and reliable source for many outdoor DIY projects that our visitors are proud to build.

chicken coop and shed plans

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Client testimonials

Tom Rodriguez – Garden lover – Plymouth, Massachusetts

I have a number of recreational vehicles, zero-turn riding lawnmowers, and other equipment for my landscaping business. I got the plans for a large storage shed with a gable roof. The foundation and pressure-treated sub-floor for the plan is what caught my eye. I needed a structure with superior floor strength, and this plan has met all of my expectations. 

Lucy Edwards – Beginner Farmer – Kentucky, United States 

I knew nothing about how to build a coop, but thankfully the plan makes it simple to understand what materials, sizing, and design I should use to build a new coop for my chickens.
I now have peace of mind thanks! 

David Hill – Hunter – Barre, Vermont

I own some property in a remote area that’s only accessible by 4-wheelers. I wanted to build a hunting cabin for my buddies and myself, so I got a set of plans for a lean-to shed without windows. We were able to transport all of the materials on trailers with our ATVs, and construct the shed in three days. The plan was easy to read and understand. Thanks guys!

Gail Adams – Farmer – California, USA 

“As someone who’s struggled with keeping my chickens safe, I appreciate how secure and sturdy my new coop is after following the guidelines. Their safety is my priority, and I had some incidents in the past thanks to the poorly constructed coop I used to have. But now I know that my chickens are in a much safer coop.

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