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Spring is here! The delicious fragrance of new blooms inspires you to dig up the ground and put some flowers in the soil. You marvel at how your yard is transforming already before your eyes. Yet, it’s not quite complete. You consider another tall wispy flower plant, maybe a cluster of creeping phlox, or maybe a couple of bushes to break up the pattern of flowers. But then you realize that’s not what it needs. Suddenly, you know what you want to make your garden design complete — a backyard shed or chicken coop. So, you set off to obtain one somehow.

First, you look up prices to buy a new one. Sadly, the amount for a new shed or chicken coop is way out of reach for you even for a smaller one. Then you have a brilliant idea! Maybe you could build one yourself. You know that building is not your strongest skill, but it’s possibly something you could do. You begin to search the internet for design plans so you can begin your project. You look and look to no avail. The one or two places you do find only have blueprints that look like an expert architect would use.

You are on the verge of giving up the search when all of a sudden you finally find them! A place that not only has shed and chicken coop designs of every type, style, and size but the plans are so simple that even a novice could build one! You have discovered Mediage LLC.

Dave Malcolm
Lead constructor and owner
Mediage LLC


At Mediage LLC, our commitment to our clients is excellence and creativity. We like to help people think outside the box about what they can accomplish. Our unique shed and chicken coop designs are transforming properties everywhere. Because of our vision, people just like you can now have the lovely structure of their dreams.


Mediage LLC has been inspiring do-it-yourself homeowners for several years. Our mission is to help people discover the joy of accomplishing their goal of building a structure on their own. Whether it’s a shed or chicken coop, we are dedicated to excellent results.


We take painstaking care to ensure that our plans are simple and straightforward for the beginner. When you order plans from us, you are sure to receive a highly detailed blueprint, including all the items you will need, thorough directions walking you through each step, and personalized assistance if you happen to become stuck.


Our dream is that you will discover the wonders of owning a shed or chicken coop at a fraction of the cost. We realize that many people would love to own the stylish sheds and chicken coops that grace the yards of homes, but buying one already constructed is out of the reach for some individuals.

Mediaga is Autodesk inventor Certified

Our expert team has their Autodesk Inventor Certification, so you know you’re getting a quality product when you order from us.

We support you by

step by step

Giving you premium step-by-step guidance on all outdoor building plans to get you planning + assembling.


Inspiring DIY’ers with essential resources during every stage of your building process.


Providing the best online support for ALL easy-to-build plans for your next outdoor building.

Client testimonials

Tom Rodriguez – Garden lover – Plymouth, Massachusetts

I have a number of recreational vehicles, zero-turn riding lawnmowers, and other equipment for my landscaping business. I got the plans for a large storage shed with a gable roof. The foundation and pressure-treated sub-floor for the plan is what caught my eye. I needed a structure with superior floor strength, and this plan has met all of my expectations. 

Lucy Edwards – Beginner Farmer – Kentucky, United States 

I knew nothing about how to build a coop, but thankfully the plan makes it simple to understand what materials, sizing, and design I should use to build a new coop for my chickens.
I now have peace of mind thanks! 

David Hill – Hunter – Barre, Vermont

I own some property in a remote area that’s only accessible by 4-wheelers. I wanted to build a hunting cabin for my buddies and myself, so I got a set of plans for a lean-to shed without windows. We were able to transport all of the materials on trailers with our ATVs, and construct the shed in three days. The plan was easy to read and understand. Thanks guys!

Gail Adams – Farmer – California, USA 

“As someone who’s struggled with keeping my chickens safe, I appreciate how secure and sturdy my new coop is after following the guidelines. Their safety is my priority, and I had some incidents in the past thanks to the poorly constructed coop I used to have. But now I know that my chickens are in a much safer coop.

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